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CR-60 Welding Rotator With PU Wheels

Short Description:

Model:CR-60 Welding Roller
Turning Capacity :60 ton maximum
Drive Load Capacity:30 ton maximum
Idler Load Capacity:30 ton maximum
Adjust Way:Bolt adjustment
Motor Power:2*2.2kw


Product Detail

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✧ Introduction

1.One drive & one idler packaged together.
2.Remote hand control & foot pedal control.
3.Bolt adjustment for different diameter vessels.
4.Stepless adjustable speed of the driven part.
5.Drive rotation speed in digital readout.
6.Top-class electronic components from Schneider.
7.100% new from original manufacturer

✧ Main Specification

Model CR-60 Welding Roller
Turning Capacity 60 Ton maximum
Loading Capacity-Drive 30 Ton maximum
Loading Capacity-Idler 30 Ton maximum
Vessel size 300~5000mm
Adjust Way Bolt adjustment
Motor Rotation Power 2*2.2 KW
Rotation Speed 100-1000mm/min
Speed control Variable frequency driver
Roller wheels Steel Material
Roller size
Voltage 380V±10% 50Hz 3Phase
Control system Remote control 15m cable
Color Customized
Warranty One year
Certification CE

✧ Feature

1. Adjustable Roller position is very helpful in adjusting the rollers between the main body so that rollers of different diameter can be adjusted over the same rollers without even buying another size pipe roller.
2. A Stress analysis has been performed on the rigid body for the testing of the load capability of the frame on which the weight of the pipes depends on.
3.Polyurethane rollers are being used in this product because polyurethane rollers are weight resistant and can protect the surface of the pipes from being scratched up while rolling.
4. Pin mechanism is used to pin the polyurethane rollers on the main frame.
5. Adjustable stand is used to adjust the height of the Rigid Frame according to the need and requirement of welding the pipe and according to the comfort level of the welder so that it can provide maximum stability.

60Ton Welding rotator

✧ Spare Parts Brand

1.Variable Frequency Drive is from Danfoss / Schneider brand.
2.Rotation and tilring Motors are Invertek / ABB brand.
3.Electric elements is Schneider brand.
All the spare parts are easily to replace at end user local market.


✧ Control System

1.Remote Hand control box with Rotation speed display, Rotation Forward , Rotation Reverse, Tilting Up, Tilting Down, Power Lights and Emergency Stop functions.
2. Main electric cabinet with power switch,Power Lights, Alarm , Reset functions and Emergency Stop functions.
3.Foot pedal to control the rotation direction.
4.We also add one additional Emergency stop button on the machine body side, this will ensure the work can stop the machine at the first time once any accident occur.
5.All our control system with CE approval to European market.


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