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L Type Series Automatic Positioner

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Model: L-06 to L-200
Turning Capacity: 600kg / 1T / 2T / 3T / 5T / 10T/ 15T / 20T maximum
Table diameter: 1000 mm ~ 2000mm
Rotation motor: 0.75 kw ~ 7.5 kw
Rotation speed: 0.1~1 / 0.05-0.5 rpm

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✧ Introduction

1.L Type welding Positioner is a basic solution for rotation of the work pieces.
2.The worktable could be rotated ( in 360°) and left or right overturning allowing work piece to be welded at the best position,and motorized rotation speed is VFD control.
3.During welding, we also can adjust the rotation speed according to our demands. The rotation speed will be digital display on the remote hand control box.
4.According to the pipe diameter difference, it also can install the 3 jaw chucks to hold the pipe.
5.Fixed height positioner, horizontal rotation table, manual or hydraulic 3 axis height adjustment positioners are all available from Weldsuccess Ltd.

✧ Main Specification

Model L-06  to  L-200
Turning Capacity 600kg / 1T / 2T / 3T / 5T / 10T/ 15T / 20T maximum
Table diameter 1000 mm ~ 2000mm
Rotation motor 0.75 kw ~ 7.5 kw
Rotation speed 0.1~1 / 0.05-0.5 rpm
Voltage 380V±10% 50Hz 3Phase
Control system Remote control 8m cable


Vertical head positioner
2 axis welding positioner
3 axis hydraulic positioner

✧ Spare Parts Brand

Weldsuccess use all the famous brand spare parts to ensure the equipments quality. Specially for the international business, we ensure the end user can replace the spare parts at their local market if have urgent accident.
1.The machine VFD frequency changer we will Schneider or Danfoss.
2.Welding positioner motor is from famous brand ABB or Invertek.
3.The electric elements and relay are all Schneider.

✧ Control System

1.L Type welding positioner sometimes working linkage with robot together. In this way, weldsuccess will use RV gearboxes to ensure the working accuracy.
2.Normally the welding positioner with one remote hand control box. It can adjust the machine rotation speed, and adjust the rotation direction, and control the welding machine tilting direction.
3.All the controls system with the E-stop button to ensure the using safety.

Head Tail Stock Positioner1751

✧ Previous Projects

1.L type positioner working linkage with robot system for full automatic working is the most efficient system. We design this sytem for excavator beam welding.
2.Also the L type welding positioner with common control system just for all direction turning and help worker to get the best welding position.


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