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Five characteristics of welding positioner are introduced

Common types of welding positioner

The basic methods of manual welding positioner commonly used are extension arm type, tilting and turning type and double column single turning type.

1, double column single rotation type

The main feature of the welding positioner is that the motor at one end of the column drives the operating equipment in a rotating direction, and the other end is driven by the automatic end. The two columns can be planned into elevating type to meet the welding needs of structural parts of different specifications. The defect of the welding positioner in this way is that it can only rotate in a circular direction, so pay attention to whether the weld method is suitable when selecting.

2, double seat head and tail double rotation type

The double head and tail rotation welding positioner is the moving space of the welded structural parts, and a degree of rotation freedom is added on the basis of the double column single rotation welding positioner. The welding positioner of this method is more advanced, the welding space is large, and the workpiece can be rotated to the required orientation, which has been successfully used in many construction machinery manufacturers.

3, L-shaped double rotary type

The operation equipment of the welding positioner is L-shaped, with two directions of rotation freedom, and both directions can be rotated ±360°. The advantages of this welding positioner are good openness and simple operation.

4, C-shaped double rotary type

The C-shaped double rotary welding positioner is the same as the L-shaped double rotary welding positioner, and the fixture of the welding positioner is slightly changed according to the shape of the structural part. This method is suitable for the welding of loader, excavator bucket and other structural parts.

The main feature of welding positioner

1. Choose inverter stepless speed regulation, wide speed range, high precision, large starting torque.

2. Specially designed fluted steel core rubber surface roller, large friction, long life, strong bearing capacity.

3. What are the characteristics of welding roller frame welding positioner? Composite box base, high rigidity, strong bearing capacity.

4. The production process is advanced, the straightness and parallelism of each shaft hole are good, and the workpiece momentum caused by the lack of production accuracy is minimized.

5. The welding positioner automatically adjusts the Angle of the roller bracket according to the diameter of the workpiece, satisfying the support and rotation drive of the workpiece with different diameters.

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Post time: Sep-22-2023