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What are the benefits of using industrial welding manipulators?

What are the benefits of using industrial welding manipulators? With the continuous development of science and technology, the demand for welding work in various fields is also increasing. Due to the influence of environment and human factors, the welding quality of traditional welding is uneven, and welding defects are more likely to occur. Industrial welding robots can replace the traditional welding to complete the welding work with guaranteed quality.
1. Improve the production efficiency of enterprises. Manual welding will decrease the welding efficiency with the increase of time, and the welding quality cannot be guaranteed. The industrial welding manipulator uses an intelligent control system to operate welding. The operator only needs constant welding parameters, and can continuously weld the workpiece, greatly improving the production efficiency.

2. Specify the production cycle. The industrial welding manipulator can work according to certain welding parameters. The welding speed, swing arm amplitude, welding current and other parameters are constant. It helps enterprises better arrange production plans. A clear production plan can help enterprises better complete welding tasks and improve their reputation in the market and customer trust.

3. Reduce the cost of the enterprise. The welding manipulator can replace manual work to complete the welding work, and the input cost of the welding manipulator is certain. Doing a good job of maintenance in the use process can extend the service life and reduce the labor cost of the enterprise. During the welding operation, the appropriate welding parameters will be selected according to the weld specifications, and the right welding materials will be released for welding to save the material cost of the enterprise.

4. The welding quality is qualified. The automatic position finding function of the industrial welding manipulator can help the welding gun to automatically find the position of the weld seam, accurately weld the weld seam, with high welding consistency, guaranteed product qualification rate and stable welding quality.

Welding manipulator helps enterprises to improve production efficiency and achieve stable welding, which is conducive to improving the competitiveness of enterprises in the market.

Post time: Nov-08-2022