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2-ton Welding Positioner with 600mm Chuck

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Model: VPE-2
Turning Capacity: 2000kg maximum
Table diameter: 1200 mm
Rotation motor: 1.1 kw
Rotation speed: 0.05-0.5 rpm
Tilting motor: 1.5 kw

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✧ Introduction

1.Our welding positioner with 3 jaw chuck will be much helpful for the pipe and flanges welding.
2.The 2Ton load capacity welding positioner tilting angle normall is 0-90 degree, and according to customer request, it also could be 0-135 degree.
3.With a diameter 1300mm table, the rotation speed will be 0.12-1.2 rpm, the rotation speed is by digital readout and also adjustable on the remote hand control box according to the welding demands.
4.One foot pedal switch supplied together to control the rotation direction for manual welding sometimes.
5.Painting color customized is available from Weldsuccess Ltd.

✧ Main Specification

Model VPE-2
Turning Capacity 2000kg maximum
Table diameter 1200 mm
Rotation motor 1.1 kw
Rotation speed 0.05-0.5 rpm
Tilting motor 1.5 kw
Tilting speed 0.67 rpm
Tilting angle 0~90°/ 0~120 °degree
Max. Eccentric distance 150 mm
Max. Gravity distance 100 mm
Voltage 380V±10% 50Hz 3Phase
Control system Remote control 8m cable
Options Welding chuck
Horizontal table
3 axis hydraulic positioner

✧ Spare Parts Brand

1.To control the rotation speed, the variable frequency drive is Danfoss brand.
2.The rotation and tilting motor are from Invertek with fully CE approval.
3.Control electric elements are from Schneider.
4.All the spare parts are easily to replace for the end user at their local market.

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✧ Control System

1.Hand control box with Rotation speed display, Rotation Forward , Rotation Reverse, Tilting Up, Tilting Down, Power Lights and Emergency Stop functions.
2.Main electric cabinet with power switch,Power Lights, Alarm , Reset functions and Emergency Stop functions.
3.Foot pedal to control the rotation direction.


✧ Production Progress

WELDSUCCESS as a manufacturer, we produce the welding positioner from the original steel plates cutting, welding, mechanical treatment, drill holes, assembly, painting and final testing.
In this way, we will control all the production process is under our ISO 9001:2015 quality management system. And ensure our customer will receive a high quality products.

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