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YHB-20 Hydraulic 3 Axis Welding Positioner

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Model: YHB-20
Turning Capacity: 2000kg maximum
Table diameter: 1300 mm
Center height adjust: Manual by bolt / Hydraulic
Rotation motor: 1.5 kw
Rotation speed: 0.05-0.5 rpm

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✧ Introduction

2-ton hydraulic welding positioner is a specialized piece of equipment used in welding operations to position and rotate workpieces. It is designed to handle workpieces weighing up to 2 ton, providing stability and controlled movement during welding processes.

Here are some key features and characteristics of a 2-ton hydraulic welding positioner:

Load Capacity: The positioner is capable of supporting and rotating workpieces with a maximum weight capacity of 2 ton. This makes it suitable for handling smaller and medium-sized workpieces in welding applications.

Rotation Control: The hydraulic welding positioner includes a hydraulic system that allows operators to control the rotation speed and direction. This enables precise control over the positioning and movement of the workpiece during welding operations.

Adjustable Positioning: The positioner often features adjustable positioning options, such as tilting, rotating, and height adjustment. These adjustments allow for optimal positioning of the workpiece, ensuring easy access to weld joints and improving welding efficiency.

Hydraulic Power: The hydraulic system of the positioner provides smooth and controlled movement, allowing for precise alignment and rotation of the workpiece. It offers stability and eliminates the need for manual handling, reducing operator fatigue and enhancing safety.

Sturdy Construction: The positioner is typically made of robust materials to ensure durability and stability during operation. It is designed to withstand the weight of the workpiece and provide a secure platform for welding processes.

The 2-ton hydraulic welding positioner is commonly used in various industries, including fabrication shops, automotive manufacturing, and small-scale welding operations. It assists in achieving accurate and efficient welding by providing controlled positioning and rotation of workpieces.

✧ Main Specification

Model YHB-20
Turning Capacity 2000kg maximum
Table diameter 1300 mm
Center height adjust Manual by bolt / Hydraulic
Rotation motor 1.1 kw
Rotation speed 0.05-0.5 rpm
Tilting motor 1.5 kw
Tilting speed 0.67 rpm
Tilting angle 0~90°/ 0~120 °degree
Max. Eccentric distance 150 mm
Max. Gravity distance 100 mm
Voltage 380V±10% 50Hz 3Phase
Control system Remote control 8m cable
 Options Welding chuck
  Horizontal table
  3 axis hydraulic positioner

✧ Spare Parts Brand

The hydraulic welding positioner with one remote hand control box and all the spare parts are famous brand, all the end user can easily to replace them at their local market if have any accident broken.
1. Frequency changer is from Damfoss brand.
2. Motor is from Invertek or ABB brand.
3. Electric elements is Schneider brand.

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✧ Control System

1.Hand control box with Rotation speed display, Forward , Reverse, Power Lights and Emergency Stop functions.
2.Main electric cabinet with power switch,Power Lights, Alarm , Reset functions and Emergency Stop functions.
3.Foot pedal to control the rotation direction.
4.Wireless hand control box is available if needed.

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✧ Previous Projects

WELDSUCCESS as a manufacturer, we produce the welding positioner from the original steel plates cutting, welding, mechanical treatment, drill holes, assembly, painting and final testing.

In this way, we will control all the production process is under our ISO 9001:2015 quality management system. And ensure our customer will receive a high quality products.

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